About Us


Currently, T.Walker’s are operating from the facility at Pirangut about 20kms from Pune city. This facility is equipped with state-of-the art manufacturing technologies. Since then we have successfully served many major reputed manufacturers and supplied them some formulations on Loan License basis. We also have a repertoire of our own products, mainly injectables.

Due to increased order book, we are ramping-up operations and as a first item of Capex (Capital Expenditure) we have recently bought land at a near-by location at Pune.

Values at T.walker's

"Our dedicated efforts towards our customers to ensure customer satisfaction."

"A Promise of long-term relationship with our customers to provide them with the best of products."

"We are disciplined towardsprompt delivery commitments of our assignments."

The strong driving force behind the success of T. Walkers is the Employees.

We manufacture loan licensing products for many Companies of repute in and around Pune. Products manufactured for them are also exported.

We regularly supply to reputed and leading Hospitals in Pune, Mumbai and the major cities.