Products In Ampoules


We offer wide range of generic life saving injectables. Atropine Sulphate and Aminophylline are amongst few of our best sellers in market. Ringer Lactate and Lignocaine Adrenaline (LA) are our best sellers among the generic drugs sector.

The products range includes:

Sr. No. Name Of The Product
1. Atropine Sulphate Inj. I.P.- 1ml.
2. Adrenaline Inj. I.P.- 1ml
3. Ascorbic Acid Inj. I.P.- 5ml.
4. Sterile Water For Inj. I.P.- 5ml.
5. Sterile Water For Inj. I.P.- 10ml.
6. Aminophylline Inj. I.P.- 10ml.
7. Potassium Chloride Inj. B.P.- 10ml.
8. Ringer Lactate Inj. - 20ml.
9. Twacal Inj.-10ml
10. Methylene Blue Inj. U.S.P.- 1ml.
11. Methylene Blue Inj. U.S.P.- 10ml.
12. Sodium Bicarbonate Inj. I.P.- 10ml.
13. Sodium Bicarbonate Inj. I.P.- 25ml.
14. Dextrose Inj. 25% I.P.- 25ml.
15. Dextrose Inj. 50% I.P.- 25ml.
16. Sodium Chloride Inj. I.P.- 10 ml.
17. Sodium Chloride Inj. I.P.- 25ml.
18. Twafyline Inj. - 2ml
19. Lignocaine & Dextrose Inj. I.P.- 2ml.
20. Diclofenac Sodium Inj. I.P.- 3ml.
21. Ranitidine Hcl Inj. I.P.- 2 ml.
22. Kevit Inj. - 1ml.
23. Glycopyrrolate Inj. U.S.P.- 1 ml.
24. Magnessium Sulphate Inj. U.S.P- 2ml.
25. Twapam Inj. - 20ml.
26. Ondensetron Inj. I.P.- 2ml
27. Ondensetron Inj. I.P.- 4ml.
28. Twacarb Inj. I.P.- 10ml.
29. Twacarb Inj. I.P.- 25ml.
30. Sterile Noradrenaline Concentrate I.P.- 2ml
31. Dopamine Hydrochloride Inj. I.P.- 5ml