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  • World Class

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Welcome to T. Walker's


Quality is everyone's responsibility at T.Walker's. We are committed to quality and we believe that it is a result of discipline, candid intentions, earnest efforts, intellectual directions and dexterous execution. An agelong legacy of ethical and moral practices followed at T.Walker’s have made us earn trust of our customers.

T.Walker's, founded by, Dr G.R. Talwalkar and S.R. Talwalkar in the year 1916 started operations at the Ahmedabad facility. Our Company initially was engaged in manufacturing of ointments, liquid orals, tablets. We were amongst the first few who manufactured injectables in India. T.Walker’s started their operations in Pune around 1934. The 2nd generation, Mr. S.S. Talwalkar joined as a partner. The late 1960s marked the inception of the 3rd generation, Mr. M.S. Talwalkar. Around this decade, we decided to concentrate more on injectables.In the 80s, 4th generation,Mr. K.M. Talwalkar joined as partner.

Products Name



Atropine Sulphate Inj. I.P.-1ml.

Adrenaline Inj. I.P.- 1ml

Ascorbic Acid Inj. I.P.- 5ml.

Sterile Water For Inj. I.P.- 5ml.

Sterile Water For Inj. I.P.- 10ml.

Aminophylline Inj. I.P.- 10ml.

Potassium Chloride Inj. B.P.- 10ml.

Ringer Lactate Inj. - 20ml.

Twacal Inj.-10ml

Methylene Blue Inj. U.S.P.- 1ml.

Methylene Blue Inj. U.S.P.- 10ml.

Sodium Bicarbonate Inj. I.P.- 10ml.

Sodium Bicarbonate Inj. I.P.- 25ml.

Dextrose Inj. 25% I.P.- 25ml.

Dextrose Inj. 50% I.P.- 25ml.

Sodium Chloride Inj. I.P.- 10 ml.

Sodium Chloride Inj. I.P.- 25ml.

Twafyline Inj. - 2ml

Diclofenac Sodium Inj. I.P.- 3ml.

Ranitidine Hcl Inj. I.P.- 2 ml.

Kevit Inj. - 1ml.

Glycopyrrolate Inj. U.S.P.- 1 ml.

Magnessium Sulphate Inj. U.S.P- 2ml.

Twapam Inj. - 20ml.

Ondensetron Inj. I.P.- 2ml

Ondensetron Inj. I.P.- 4ml.

Twacarb Inj. I.P.- 10ml.

Atropine Sulphate Inj. 10 Ml.

Lignocaine Hcl Inj. 30 Ml.

Lignocaine & Adrenaline Inj 30ml.

Twacarb Inj. I.P.- 10ml.

Twacarb Inj. I.P.- 25ml.

Sterile Noradrenaline Concentrate I.P.- 2ml

Dopamine Hydrochloride Inj. I.P.- 5ml



How to reach us


It is easy to find HealthStore. DrugStore is located in the Northern Part of India near (Pune) in India.